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Critique written by the renown Art Critic Giampaolo Trotta, for the OpenArtCode Exhibition in Florence, Italy.


The stories told by Margaret LaBounty are ethereal fragments of painting and sculpture that appear timeless, eternal and without space. By way of the natural sensations coming from the most diverse American landscapes (starting from those known too well by the artist in ‘her’ magical lands of Colorado), they speak of endless widths and vertiginous heights, of profound depths and cosmic harmonies. Oceans, lands and skies are mixed in the pictorial pigments or in the clay of her Totem, to reveal ancient ancestral memories of lost civilizations (where they surely find echoes from the native north Americans), sounds, scents and feelings that re-emerge from our very distant anthropological experience. An engaging naturalism that does not dress itself with a banal and postcard-like imitation of Nature and does not copy photography, but instead truly captures the essence, that is the soul or the deep sense, keeping only fragments of the figuration, immersed in a harmonic palette of colors where it is the color itself that sculpts landscapes and mountains, skies, forests, lakes, sunsets, twilights, dawns and seas. The creative inputs pulse here, since the beginning of the universe and the observer is invited to watch in silence the chant and rhythm of Mother Earth (Anima Mundi); stories that we can learn from and then make our own; in an eternal cyclic inspiration.


Critique written by the Art Critic Giampaolo Trotta for the OpenArtCode Exhibition in the The Mediceo Laurenziano Complex, From 19th April to 8th May 2018 in the Salone di Donatello of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy

I have been invited and I am showing at the Salone di Donatello od the Basilica di San Lorenzo in Florence, Italy!  The international exhibition will be from April 18th to May 8th.  I was going to attend, but Air France went on strike 2 hours before I was to leave.   My art looks fantastic with the other international artist.  



I'm a Studio Abba artist showing at the Art Fusion Galleries for the Miami Basel.  See you there!!!!

My Painting "Sunset" is on display!!! In April I had exhibited in the Women's Essence show in Paris, France.  I was there and had an amazing time.  

My show at the SAM 2016 in Paris, France was very sucessful!  

I was selected to exhibite in the Art Expo February Rome, so excited!!

I received my Artist Member card from MoMA!!!!

I am published!  Online Gallery, Blog, and Artist site.  Check it out.




Lucky to receive an award from Artivita for Excellence for my painting "Silence".  


My painting  "Colorado River" was featured

on the cover of the

fall 2014 edition of "Effetto Arte", 

a major Itallian arts publication in Rome.

I am honored to be included in Suzanne's book "Her Art / Her Self", a compilation of articles about artists.  My artical was published in Her Magazine 2009.  





My Series Red at the Her Art / Her Self Exhibition,

                       Gallery 72

I am so honored to be included in this book, huge thanks and congratulations to Suzzanne!!!!!!  I hope you can all come to the opening where you can meet Suzanne and be inspired by the artists of the book, myself included!!

 HerArt/Herself, by Suzanne Smith Arney



Book Launch & Art Exhibition


Friday, November 21, through Saturday, November 29, 2014


Opening Reception:  Friday, November 21, 2014, 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

   Gallery Talk by Janet Farber, Director, Schrager Collection, 6:30pm


Closing Reception: Saturday, November 29, 2014, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

   Gallery Talk by author Suzanne Smith Arney, 3:00 pm


Comments:  Suzanne Smith Arney originated and wrote the “HERArt” column for HER magazine from 2004-2012.  Each column profiled a woman artist in the metro area, along with photographs of her work. Her Art/Herselfcompiles the 48 features into a beautiful book. In addition to being a history of those years, it also serves as a guidebook to the current art scene as most of the artists interviewed still live and work in the metro. Even more, says the author, the book can be taken as a handbook to artists and art work generally, revealing the hows and whys of artists’ motivations, approaches, processes, and techniques. Arney has added a preface and “Reflections,” short essays that comment on and update the original profiles. The book also includes forewords by Janet L. Farber, Director, Phillip Schrager Collection of Contemporary Art, and by John Rogers, Owner/Director, Gallery 72. 



P.S. Check out Omaha Magazine, November/December issue, page 15 -- Upcoming events in the spotlight. You’ll see an ad for the book and exhibition!



I participated and exhibited my art in what was called the “most prestigious art event in the world.

The Exposition at the Eiffel Tower.”  This exposition was part of the 125th celebration of the Eiffel tower and I participated in what was said as “The most important artists in the world to participate at "La Grande Exposition Universelle" held inside the Eiffel Tower, “Gustave Eiffel” Hall on the first floor.  

  The Celebration and Exhibition was all day October, 23rd.   Here are some pictures of the event along with me receiving an award presented by Jose Dali, son of the late Salvador Dali.  


Recently Created Art

"Effeto Arte" "Effeto Arte"
"Poppies" close up "Poppies" close up

Margaret La Bounty has received the honor of being chosen as one of the world heirs of Pollock.  Margaret is one of the thirty six world artists to be selected for publication for the article “The Heirs of Rembrandt  and Pollock “ in the Italian art periodical “ Effetto Arte”

Margaret has been exhibiting her paintings in shows and exhibitions in Europe including

“The Salon of the Independents” in Paris, France, “The Royal Artistic circle” in Barcelona, Spain and is represented by Studio Abba in Florence Italy.

The article has been curated by Salvatore Russo Effetto Arte , Rome. Russo is a well known art critic of contemporary art in Europe and the US.

"Curated by Salvatore Russo" "Curated by Salvatore Russo"
"Poppies" "Poppies"

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Creation of my "Comtempory Abstract Impressionistic Landscapes"  


"The new heirs of Jackson Pollock"  by Salvatore Russo

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