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I don’t remember a time when art was not a part of my life. My house, as a child, was filled with music and do it yourself art projects, then there were the books all about the masters and the beautiful portfolios of their art.


I think the first memory of when I realized  I was different was the time I was coloring with my sisters on the floor. A perfect place where the light streamed through the glass door, it was before I started school. I remember being so furious with my sister for putting a mark on my paper. It was at that time that I realized that my art was my own and I didn’t want anyone else to mark up the vision I was having. My art was the one thing my parents didn’t make me share. There was also one time in school when I flunked an art project because I drew a purple elephant with bubbles, one that was like the one on our local liquor store. I thought it was beautiful but the teacher thought that something that was from the liquor store was not appropriate for school.


I grew up in a small western Colorado town where there were not , at the time, many art lessons to be found or museums to go to. My art experience was through books and being outside, observation and then creating art myself. Painting, drawing, sculpting animals out of candle wax and even building towns out of mud for my brothers toy cars. I have always been influenced by my surroundings and using what ever I had available to create.

As a young adult I was able to study with a Master Sculptor and then depending on where I lived I was able to take art classes through University adult education and procure studio time and space. These included beautiful locations of the University of Colorado, University of Hawaii and the University of San Diego.


I try to draw, paint or write poetry everyday and then when my mind needs to wander I work in my garden, always to be outdoors.

Now through the internet there are so many classes available it makes it so easy to continue to learn new techniques.


Before I start a painting I always have a moment of reflection. I ask myself what is the message my painting is telling and what is the emotion I am feeling? It is amazing with just these two thoughts, looking at the canvas, what will emerge. Suddenly color and direction I can see so clearly.


My paintings are almost always inspired by nature. One painting may be inspired by the intense red of a canyon, another by the vast open spaces of the landscape or the blue water reflections,  always trying to capture the brilliant colors of a sunset or sunrise. It is always what I was feeling at that very first moment of seeing something that becomes the painting. 

My technique has evolved over time and after painting many things my art always comes from where I grew up in the West where the distances were vast, the views spectacular and the color of the sky so overwhelming. What I saw was nothing but the color of nature and the solitude of space.


Over time my work has become a study in the color and texture by using strong and confident brush strokes and a freedom of color of nature and the emotion of the first time seeing a view.

I enjoy working with acrylic because I can work quickly to capture the moment and not overthink my painting.


Why do I paint? I believe it is a life story that I am compelled to do. I am driven by art and my entire life has been about art.


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"The new heirs of Jackson Pollock"  by Salvatore Russo

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